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Through engaging lectures, practical case studies, and interactive projects, you'll refine your strategic thinking, hone your leadership skills, and cultivate the innovation mindset required for entrepreneurial success.

Dive into cutting-edge strategies, harness the power of disruptive thinking, and cultivate the skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of business creation.

  • + Entrepreneurship & You
  • + Critical Thinking Skills
  • + Understanding Learn to Start
  • + Collaboration Skills
  • + The Journey of Entrepreneurship
  • + Creativity Skills
  • + The Develop Stage
  • + Leadership Skills
  • + The Brand Stage
  • + Enterprise Skills
  • + The Start Stage
Learn to Start
Diploma Entrepreneurship

Graduation Requirements:

  1. - Understanding Entrepreneurship & You (1/2 month)
  2. - Understanding Learn to Start (1/2 month)
  3. - The Journey of Entrepreneurship (2 months)
  4. - The Develop Stage (2 month)
  5. - The Brand Stage (2 month)
  6. - The Start Stage (2 month)
  7. - Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity Skills (1 month)
  8. - Leadership & Enterprise Skills (1 month)

Prior to receiving certification in the relevant subject, you will undergo a one-on-one interview conducted by your instructor or a senior peer student.

To successfully complete the Entrepreneurship program, you must establish a tangible company with a fully developed operational process capable of generating income.

It is mandatory to have the projects you've completed at FMA validated by professionals working in pertinent fields. The greater the number of verifiers confirming the quality of your work at FMA, the increased likelihood of successfully graduating.

The completion duration for this program is a minimum of 12 months. Should you lag behind, rest assured that you have the option to catch up by continuing with other groups that commenced their sessions later than yours.

Innovation Labs

FMA Labs

Future Minds Academy employs a hybrid class format, allowing for a blend of in-person and remote learning experiences. While a cohort of students engages in on-site classes, there is simultaneous participation from remote students who join the sessions virtually.

Submit a request for the establishment of an FMA Lab in your area.

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